―About Immunosens―Greetings from CEO

Creation of a new story about an excellent medical technology contributing to happiness

Contributing to people’s health with excellent technology has been my life work for many years. Soon after I graduated, I started to work on research and development of a self-monitoring blood glucose meter (SMBG) in a small laboratory, and I closely witnessed a process that widely prevailed in society as a technology necessary for management of diabetes. I learned the significance of technology contributing to people’s happiness.

Since then, I have been involved in the production of various medical devices, but when I encountered GLEIA developed by Prof. Eiichi Tamiya of Osaka University, whom I respect greatly, I decided to devote myself to commercialization of this technology.

GLEIA has great potential as a technology that will definitely be useful in future medical settings.As it is equipped with convenience and high sensitivity, GLEIA will undoubtedly bring about great results in conditions such as heart failure, for which rapid testing is a proposition.

Furthermore, GLEIA will become an indispensable product for diagnosis and disease management at nursing homes, elder care facilities, and at home, which will be increasingly common in the future.
There are many hurdles to overcome to achieve commercialization, but I am prepared to make every possible effort to repay the favor given to me from many people.I am sure to achieve the vision of Immunosens, which is to promote “rapid testing of medical grade for anyone, anywhere, anytime.”

CEO Hirokazu Sugihara

CEO Hirokazu Sugihara